About us



For more than 40 years Aste Generali has offered a technical-legal consultancy service specialized in real estate procedures.

We help numerous investors in the sector to obtain the best investment, but also those who buy their first home to realize their dream.

Our philosophy is based on dedication to the customer to offer the highest quality in the services we provide. Our long experience has allowed us to refine our skills and proactively adapt to market changes.



In the vast landscape of the real estate market, our mission goes beyond the simple home purchase transaction: we are committed to guiding our customers towards a safe and convenient choice. Our unique approach is based on a deep understanding of the industry, combined with an unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction.

We understand that purchasing a home is a significant investment, and therefore we strive to offer a diverse range of options, reflecting different price ranges and lifestyles. This diversity allows customers to make decisions aligned with their budget and preferences.

Our experience in the world of auctions is a crucial part of our approach to real estate procedures, thanks to the experts on our team, we work diligently to obtain the best possible price for the selected properties. Additionally, we use artificial intelligence to identify profitable investment opportunities.



Thanks to the collaboration with our technicians it is possible to have a detailed analysis of the property, both from a cadastral and legal point of view, guaranteeing maximum security and transparency, saving you time and money.

In fact, by purchasing at auction there is the possibility of saving up to 70% on the real market value.

Furthermore, through our Partner Law Firm there is the possibility of purchasing through a pre-auction or commonly defined as "settlement and write-off", offering various advantages to both the debtor and the creditor as well as the buyer.






In summary, Aste Generali is much more than a real estate consultancy company; we are a trusted partner in your search for successful real estate opportunities. Our long-standing history and network of qualified partners position us uniquely to offer you the support you need. We are here to help you realize your real estate dreams and get the most out of your experience in the real estate auction market.

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